Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Parent's Univeral Resource Experts Founder: Sue Scheff speaks out about the P.U.R.E. Rebuttal

The more publicity I get - the more my adversaries love digging up the past, but like my Blog about "Admitting Mistakes as a Parent" - The P.U.R.E. Rebuttal is a document that is posted online in an attempt to discredit me and hopefully discouraging people from listening to my story. It was one of the initial filing of their (WWASPS) complaint against me and PURE in 2002 by Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP aka WWASPS aka Premier Educational Systems - Carolina Springs Academy) and their attempt to silence me.

This rebuttal is nothing short of taking some truths and twisting them to make P.U.R.E. and myself look foolish and an attempt to make people think I am not reputable.

However, as I stated, this was one of the initial filings - and many people know, that anyone can sue anybody for anything -but - proving these allegations is the hard part.

I fought these twisted truths and outright lies and WON in a Jury Trial in August 2004 and further won again in the Supreme Court of Appeals when they appealed the decision of the jury.

Fortunately - The Truth Prevailed!!!! I am not silenced - and my story lives on.

One of the most reputable publishing companies is releasing my book in Spring 2008. Health Communication, Inc (HCI) brought you the very successful Chicken Soup for the Soul book series filled with inspiration and hope. My book "Wit's End!" - will give parents and professionals helpful resources as well as inspiration and hope to parents that are feeling at wits end.

Yes, there is some ugliness on the Internet - but fortunately for me, I always had the truth on my side.